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    Samoa Polux Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit - 24v

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    Manufacturer Code 684 524
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    Oil Selective Emergency Spill Kit, Ideal for use in outdoor locations when working with Fuel or Oil. This compact spill kit stows away easy & comes ins a clip top bag with carry handle.

    The spill kit comes with pads & socks to allow you to respond to relatively small spills as and when they happen.

    Samoa Solura 12v AdBlue Transfer Pump
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    SAMOA Solura Blue 12v DC multi-diaphragm pump with no mechanical seals designed for dispensing AdBlue®/DEF and other water-based non corrosive products. Pump is self-priming and has a by-pass valve. Electric motors have IP55 protection and include on/off switch, fuse and 2m cable and crocodile clips.

    Electric motor power: 260w

    Inlet/outlet connection: 1" BSP (M)

    Maximum suction lift: 1.8m

    Maximum delivery pressure: 1.6 bar

    Maximum delivery: up to 32 l/min

    Watts M200V 4'0 Tank Float Gauge
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    The M200V Fuel Tank Float Gauge from Watts Industries is a small mechanical clock gauge for measuring the tanks contents by a float that sits on the fuel and goes up and down with the level. Whilst also popular for diesel storage tanks, it is most commonly used as a domestic heating oil tank gauge.

    These oil tank gauges are supplied as standard with 1 1⁄2” BSP Male for easy fitting on the top of the storage tank or drum.

    Price 209.00 250.80 inc VAT

    he SAMOA Polux Series of DC Vane Pumps are high quality self priming pumps manufactured in Spain. These pumps come in either 12v or 24v, with flow rates of 43lpm or 65lpm (Depending on model). The pump body is made of cast-iron with rustproof treatment, rotor of sintered steel and vanes of acetal resin. The pumps include a by-pass valve and a built in filter with easy access for cleaning. The pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally, has a carrying handle and 2m cable with crocodile clamps.

    The Polux pump kit version has the additional benefit of coming with all fittings required for portable diesel transfer, including a Fuel nozzle and Delivery hose with the option for 2 metres of suction hose and a flow meter.

    Inlet/outlet connection: 1" BSP (F) or flange coupling

    Maximum suction lift: 2.5m

    Pressure: 0.8 bar

    Electric DC motor with IP55 protection, allow intermittent operation duty with maximum cycles of 30 minutes.

    Voltage: 24v


    684 524 - 43lpm - 4 metre delivery hose, manual nozzle

    684 526 - 43lpm - 4 metre delivery hose, manual nozzle & 2m Suction hose kit

    684 527 - 43lpm - 4 metre delivery hose, manual Nozzle, 2m Suction hose kit & digital flow meter

    684 460 - 65lpm - 4 metre delivery hose, automatic nozzle

    684 464 - 65lpm - 4 metre delivery hose,automatic nozzle, 2m Suction hose kit & digital flow meter

    Product Specification

    Battery Powered Rotary Vane Pump

    Comes with a carry handle

    24v DC

    Flow rate: 43 or 65 L/min

    30 Minute duty cycle

    4 Metre delivery hose and nozzle

    Optional flow meter and suction hose

    2 Metre cables and clips

    Flow rate:
    Fuel Type:
    Options Spec
    Flow rate:

    Samoa Polux Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit - 24v

    Samoa Polux Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit - 24v
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