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    AD Tanker Manual Fuel Nozzle

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    Manufacturer Code PF3060
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    The AD Tanker Manual Fuel Nozzle is designed for the high flow delivery of heating oil, diesel and biodiesel up to B100. The AD Tanker is primarily used as a fuel storage tank refuelling nozzle; it is fitted to the end of a fuel tanker delivery hose and has a 2” lugged outlet with removable spout for fitting in to the tank fill point. This heavy duty, cast aluminium constructed kerosene and diesel nozzle is fitted as standard with an anti-drain valve for wet hose systems.

    Product Specification

    Manual Shut off nozzle

    415lpm maximum flow rate

    Suitable for Heating oil, Diesel & B100

    Heavy duty aluminium body

    2" Lugged outlet with removable spout

    1 ½” Swivelled inlet

    Max pressure: 7 bar

    Spout OD: 42mm

    Fuel Type:
    Flow Rate:
    Options Spec 3
    Fuel Type:
    Options Spec 2
    Fuel Type:

    AD Tanker Manual Fuel Nozzle

    AD Tanker Manual Fuel Nozzle
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