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    Steel Fill Point Cabinet - 630 x 600 x 250

    Availability 10-15 Days
    Manufacturer Code FPC1
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    CTS Multi-Compartment Tank Alarm (230v)
    Price 220.00 264.00 inc VAT

    The CTS Mains Operated Multi-Compartment Fuel Tank Alarm system has three functions; to detect and warn of a tank overfill, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak. If this fuel tank alarm identifies any of these issues, the zone in question will light up on the alarm’s screen, combined with an alarm sounder and flashing orange strobe, which provides the user with a clear warning of the activated tank state. Each zone can be configured in any of the three functions High, Low or Bund, enabling the complete customisation of these fuel tank alarms based upon the user's requirements with a very simple set of electrical jumpers.

    Options are available complete with three relays, to allow external equipment to be connected to each zone of the tank level alarm such as building management system for remote monitoring. This level and bund alarm also has the additional feature of controlling the pump from the relays (if fitted). When the fuel storage tank contents are 'low', the pump switches on and stays on until 'high' is reached.

    If you require a tank level alarm for something other than diesel or light oil, we also supply a water and chemical alarm probe, and a high viscosity oil tank level probe – which is also suitable for AdBlue as well as high viscosity oils.

    Piusi Ocio Tank Gauge
    Price 360.00 432.00 inc VAT

    The Piusi Ocio Fuel Tank Gauge is a continuous reading, hydrostatic digital tank level monitoring device designed primarily for commercial diesel fuel tanks. Once calibrated using the specific tank measurements, the Piusi Ocio electronically displays the tank level reading in mm, litre or percentage depending upon the user preference.

    This fuel tank level gauge allows the user to configure low and high level status alerts, which upon activation causes the LED screen to flash to visually alert the user that the level has been reached for them to take action. It also benefits from two configurable relays for sending the high/low level alert statuses to other equipment e.g. a low level tank alarm for an audiable alert, a remote building management system or to the pump on the tank to turn it off e.g. in day tank filling.

    The Piusi Ocio gauge is a versatile fuel tank level indicator suitable for use on vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and rectangular tanks up to 4m high. Whilst the standard model is designed primarily for diesel, there is an AdBlue™ tank gauge version available and a kit to make the standard Ocio compatible with oil popular in garage and workshop environments. There is also a 4-20ma output model available to allow you to send the level readings to a building management system, whereas the standard model would only send the set high/level alarm statuses to the BMS.

    Unitel Tank Gauge Percentage Display
    Price 108.00 129.60 inc VAT

    The Unitel Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge from Afriso Euroindex is a pneumatic tank level indicator designed for use primarily on fuel oil and diesel tanks, but also used as an AdBlue tank gauge. It has a spring loaded plunger that you pull and release until the needle settles on the contents left within the storage tank, which is then displayed clearly as a percentage on its large mechanical face.

    This fuel tank level gauge is suitable for horizontal, vertical, cylindrical and rectangular tanks, with heights between 900mm and 3000mm for diesel and up to 2500mm for Water/AdBlue , making the Unitel a highly popular and versatile tank level indicator.

    The Unitel fuel tank gauge also benefits from a handy adjustable second needle for setting a level parameter, which you can then use to indicate the level at which you need to reorder fuel. Supplied in an impact resistant casing, the Euroindex contents gauge can be easily wall or tank mounted.

    Price 425.20 510.24 inc VAT
    Product Specification

    Steel Fill Point Cabinet

    Lockable Hinged Door

    Wall mounting brackets included

    2" BSP Socket 

    1" BSP Socket

    Dimensions: 252mm L x 630mm W x 607mm H

    Gauges & Pipework not included

    Fuel Type:
    Options Spec 3
    Fuel Type:
    Options Spec 2
    Fuel Type:
    Options Spec 4
    Fuel Type:

    Steel Fill Point Cabinet - 630 x 600 x 250

    Steel Fill Point Cabinet - 630 x 600 x 250
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