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    1650 Litre Diamond Horizontal Bunded Oil Tank

    Availability Approx 10-20 Days
    Manufacturer Code 1650HZB
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    Oil Tank Filter Kit
    Price 22.00 26.40 inc VAT

    Also refered to as a 'Tank Pack' or 'Bottom Outlet Kit' This filter assembly kit is a filter designed for heating oil tanks and comes complete with everything that is required to quickly and simply install it.

    This kit has an optional Ultra Compact Isolation Valve, which is designed to replace the 1" x ½” conical fitting that is supplied in the standard kit. By doing this, the isolation valve becomes the first compotent to be screwed into the tank. This would allow an engineer to replace the filter without draining the contents of the tank should the filter ever need changing.

    Plastic Heating Oil Bowl Filter
    Price 60.00 72.00 inc VAT

    The Plastic Heating Oil Bowl Filter is designed for removing debris and water from small bore fuel lines such as domestic oil heating systems. Its clear plastic bowl allows the user to see the remnants of the filtering process, and has a drain port for the easy removal of the filtered out water. This heating oil filter is also suitable for biodiesel up to B30.

    Ultra Compact Heating Oil Filter
    Price 36.00 43.20 inc VAT

    The Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit is designed for bottom outlet domestic heating oil tanks to remove debris with instant isolation and no pollution risk. The kit is comprised of the Ultra Compact isolation valve, 50 micron oil filter, PTFE tape, Heldite and all of the fittings required for installation. 

    On other oil tank filter assemblies, an isolation valve is not the first component screwed into the tank which means that if the filter valve needs replacing then the tank needs to be drained. By having the Ultra Compact valve installed first, this filter assembly kit saves the engineer the couple of hours it would previously have taken to pump the tank out, replace the filter valve and then pump the heating oil back in. 

    The Ultra Compact oil tank isolator valve is also available alone to replace the 1" BSPT x 1/2" BSPP adaptor if a generic filter kit is already installed. Both the filter kit and the valve alone can be retrofitted during service or at the time of the original tank installation. 

    Price 1,579.00 1,894.80 inc VAT

    Diamond tanks are manufactured by Harlequin MFG and meet all regulatory requirements as well as being fully bunded.

    Excellent Design - specially designed for those awkward installations, the range boasts super slimline options along with handles for easy moving and heavy duty lids on all models.

    Integrally Bunded - designed to protect the surrounding environment, all tanks are bunded preventing pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak.

    Non Corrosive - manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) your Harlequin tank will not corrode.

    10 Year Guarantee (upon registration with Harlequin)

    Meets Regulations - as well as being fully bunded, each tank meets all relevant regulatory requirements.

    Contents Monitoring - each model has a 32mm hole suitable for fitting an electronic gauge, also available as an optional extra.

    Product Specification

    Integrally Bunded Plastic oil tank

    1" BSP Bottom Outlet

    16" Lockable Access lid

    Optional Ultrasonic Gauge

    Free Bottom Outlet Kit

    Dimensions: 2,010L x 1,350W x 1,430H

    Weight: 150Kg

    Brimful Capacity: 1,662 Litres

    Tank Type:

    1650 Litre Diamond Horizontal Bunded Oil Tank

    1650 Litre Diamond Horizontal Bunded Oil Tank
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