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    1000 Litre NTS Steel Slimline Bunded Heating Oil Tank

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    Manufacturer Code DLC1000
    Contents Gauge
    Tank Stand
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    The Panther diesel transfer pumps are versatile and can be applied in different sectors including automotive, transport, agriculture, workshop and construction. The Panther volumetric, rotary, self-priming vane transfer pump has a high seal and is reliable even in use at low temperatures. With its solid and resistant body, the Panther is an easy-to-install diesel transfer pump, suitable for applications in diesel dispensers and fixed fuel transfer systems, as well as other industrial applications.

    The compact cast iron structure makes it the perfect solution for high performance and reliability.


    In the range of diesel transfer pumps, Panther 56-72-90 is equipped with a by-pass valve for precise adjustment of the quantity of flow transferred, while dispensing, with a flow rate of up to 90 l/min. The vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes, and the induction motor with aluminum casing make this diesel electric pump suitable for continuous cycle applications, up to 30 minutes, resulting in a reliable and quality product. The thermal protection protects it in case of motor overloads.

    Watchman Sonic Tank Gauge
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    The Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge, although suitable for most fluids, is primarily designed as a heating oil tank gauge. Consisting of a transmitter that fits to the top of the tank and electronic receiver that has a 200 metre range, the Watchman fuel tank gauge measures the fuel contents and transmits it to the receiver plugged in inside the building.

    This domestic oil tank level monitor also alerts the receiver when the tank level falls below 10%, giving the user notice of the need to order a fuel delivery without them having to access the tank outside to check. These oil tank level indicators are suitable to be installed on both plastic and steel tanks, providing that it does not exceed their limit of 3 metres in height.

    Ultra Compact Heating Oil Filter
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    The Ultra Compact Oil Tank Filter Kit is designed for bottom outlet domestic heating oil tanks to remove debris with instant isolation and no pollution risk. The kit is comprised of the Ultra Compact isolation valve, 50 micron oil filter, PTFE tape, Heldite and all of the fittings required for installation. 

    On other oil tank filter assemblies, an isolation valve is not the first component screwed into the tank which means that if the filter valve needs replacing then the tank needs to be drained. By having the Ultra Compact valve installed first, this filter assembly kit saves the engineer the couple of hours it would previously have taken to pump the tank out, replace the filter valve and then pump the heating oil back in. 

    The Ultra Compact oil tank isolator valve is also available alone to replace the 1" BSPT x 1/2" BSPP adaptor if a generic filter kit is already installed. Both the filter kit and the valve alone can be retrofitted during service or at the time of the original tank installation. 

    Price 1,794.48
    Our Price 1,450.00 1,740.00 inc VAT
    You Save 344.48 (19%)

    Our range of DLC Steel Bunded Heating Oil Tanks are dual purpose, all steel tanks that has been designed specifically for domestic and light commercial users. The DLC range can easily be upgraded to become a fuel dispensing tank by simply adding a cabinet and pump, you can order this by searching for 'DLCC'.

    This 1,000 litre Steel Bunded Oil Tank is manufactured in 3 parts to enable easy disassembly and reassembly on site, allowing these tanks to be installed in even the most hard to reach places.

    The DLC range of Bunded Oil Tanks can be supplied with steel base supports, this eliminates direct contact with the ground. Steel section supports are available to run length or width ways to allow them to be positioned to match existing tank bases. Alternatively, they can be supplied with a variety of Steel Tank Stands which are perfectly suited to gravity feed applications.

    These Bunded Steel Oil Tanks have a dual purpose fill/vent which can be used to view the tank's contents. The tank vents directly to the tank bund and then to the atmosphere removing the risk of spills occurring when filling the tank.

    Northern Tank Stores DLC Range of Bunded Oil Tanks come with a 1” bottom outlet and lockable isolation valve. There is a 1½” BSP and a 2” BSP socket located underneath the lockable tank hatch, this allows additional items such as gauges & alarms to be fitted. The lockable lid keeps the tank contents safe and secure.


    Control of pollution (oil storage) (England) regulations 2001, PPG2, PPG26 and BS799 pt5.

    Product Specification

    1,000 Litre Steel Bunded Oil Tank

    1" BSP Bottom outlet (Top outlet on request)

    Bottom outlet fitting kit included

    Lockable Tank Lid (Lock supplied)

    Optional Tank Legs

    2" BSP Fill Point with Cap & Chain

    Dimensions: 1,500L x 640W x 1,230H

    Tank Capacity: 1024 Litres

    Weight: 189Kg

    Tank Type:

    1000 Litre NTS Steel Slimline Bunded Heating Oil Tank

    1000 Litre NTS Steel Slimline Bunded Heating Oil Tank
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